The Centrality of Place: The Urban Imagination of Sociologists GCP-97-4

Anthony M. Orum
Department of Sociology College of Liberal Art and Sciences

About ten minutes from where I live, in Highland Park, north of Chicago, a house is being built.  It sits at 1371 Sheridan Road and occupies virtually the entire lot, from one side to the other.  A driveway runs from the road to the house, and to its two two-car garages that face the street.  The house is massive, clearly too big for its lot, but just the right size for its owners.  It cost at least a million dollars, and, when done, will be occupied by a commodities trader and his wife, both in their fifties.  It is their dream house —  massive, high ceilings, 5,000 square feet, and with a toney address on Chicago’s North Shore.

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