Voorhees Center releases report series “Making the Case for Change”

The Nathalie P. Voorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Improvement, a research unit at the College of Urban Planning and Urban Affairs at UIC, just released with the Illinois Latino Family Commission part I and II of a series report titled “Making the Case for Change”. The project is an effort to undertake a comprehensive examination of Latinos in Illinois that can provide critical information to improve policy, planning and programming to a broad audience of actors. The project has three goals: 1) to compile and elevate available data to construct a more detailed profile of Latinos in the State; 2) to make the data widely accessible to lawmakers, policy decision makers, state agency directors, community leaders and providers: and 3) to facilitate a data informed Latino action agenda.

Link to reports by visiting the Voorhees Center publications webpage.

Making the Case for Change Report Series

Part I: Latino Demographic Profiles

Part I in the Making the Case for Change series provides demographic, social and economic data on the Latino population in the State of Illinois, and then compares the information with: 1) the Latino population in other states and Puerto Rico; 2) other racial/ethnic groups within the state; and also, 3) among Latino origin groups.

Part II: Legislative District Snapshots

Part II, “Legislative District Snapshots,” presents Latino demographic and socioeconomic data for legislative districts. The first section presents statewide maps for Congressional, State Senate and House of Representative districts and highlights growth in Latino population. The second section provides a more detailed view of population and socioeconomic data for individual legislative districts. These legislative district profiles demonstrate the geographic dispersion and changing profile of Latinos across the State.