The nature of gangs has changed, so should our gun violence strategy

As part of a Crain’s Chicago Business series covering the various issues facing Chicago, Teresa Córdova, director of the Great Cities Institute, writes that the city’s strategy to address gun violence needs to adapt to the changing nature of gangs, which operate more as fragmented cliques rarely connected to one another in the wake of shuttered public housing and schools.

Another round of violence in Chicago leads to another round of debate as to why and who’s to blame. The notion that gangs are the problem and the police are the solution pervades public and policy conversations. Yet the violence persists and the frustrations mount.

To understand violence in Chicago, we must first understand the contexts in which it occurs. The complexities we then see point to the need for more nuanced approaches that go beyond attributing the violence to any single factor or set of actors. The significance of context cannot be overstated.

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