Illinois Immigrant Impact Task Force Report

Executive Summary:

The Immigrant Impact Task Force (IITF) is a statewide effort to review, assess, and recommend a vision for the future of immigrant, refugee, and LEP communities in Illinois, created via SB 2665 the Immigrant Impact Task Force Act. The Immigrant Impact Task Force consists of 27 members representing a wide and diverse group of agencies, organizations, and residents from across the state. The Task Force members will share their perspectives, knowledge, and expertise to link to and leverage existing efforts already underway for immigrants in Illinois. The Task Force will engage and raise the voices of all Illinoisans to understand the realities, needs, and hopes within immigrant, refugee, and LEP communities both now and in the future.

The IITF, along with the support from Governor JB Pritzker, released a report examining various issues affecting immigrant, refugee, and limited English proficiency communities, sharing recommendations the state can take to improve services to immigrant communities. The Task Force identified thirteen issues in the legislation ranging from citizenship assistance, business development, education access, discrimination prevention, immigration detention, COVID-19 relief, language access programs, and more.

The Great Cities Institute of the University of Illinois Chicago conducted research for this report and developed report drafts in consultation with Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS). Rob Paral is principal author of the report. Other Great Cities staff involved with the report include Teresa Córdova, Professor and Great Cities Institute Director.

Press Release:

Pritzker Administration Announces Illinois’ Immigrant Task Force ReportIllinois.Gov

Read the Full Report Here.