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Juan González on Democracy Now!: U.S. “Economic Warfare” Targeting Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua Fuels Migrant Crisis

Juan González, on Democracy Now!, discusses his new report on "The Current Migrant Crisis," about how U.S. policy toward Latin America has fueled historic numbers of asylum seekers. He argues U.S. "economic warfare" against countries like Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela is what motivates many migrants to risk the journey north. "We're seeing this enormous increase from these three countries. What do all these three countries have in common? They are all being subjected to United States sanctions," says González. "The sanctions are reducing the ability of people to survive in the region, and then we're surprised by all these people appearing at the border."

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A novel plan to recycle Chicago’s wastewater could prevent a future water crisis

The Freshwater Lab, in partnership with UIC’s Great Cities Institute, has a proposed solution: Supply industrial sites with treated wastewater, while reserving drinking water for the taps that really need it — those running into homes, health care facilities and other places that require potable water (Report titled, "From Waste to Water: A Framework for Sustainable Freshwater Supply in Northeastern Illinois"). This will help meet the area’s drinking water needs, will divert wastewater out of our rivers and will help support industrial economic growth in northern Illinois.

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The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways invites you to their Lake Calumet Bike Network Study website and survey

Cook County wants to make biking, walking and using scooters safer and easier for those who live in parts of southern Cook County. Therefore, the Lake Calumet Bike Network Study will help bring improvements for those who use the aforementioned forms of “active transportation” in the area. Click Here to View Website for More Information and Upcoming Engagement Opportunities. Click Here to Take Survey.

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2nd Chicago Latino Arts & Culture Summit Connects Latino Arts Leaders With Top Foundations

The annual event brought together leaders from the city's top foundations with their counterparts at more than 20 Chicago Latino nonprofit arts organizations, collectively discussing developing new strategies and solutions to address the funding gap in Latino arts. Carlos Tortolero, President and CEO, National Museum of Mexican Art, shared statistics provided by Dr. Teresa Córdova, Director of the Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

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