Western Suburban Latino Communities


Latinos in the suburbs have grown at a high rate within the last decade and now account for 60% of all Latinos in the Chicago metro area. This growth, however, has not led to equitable opportunities for Latinos to participate civically, even while the community has serious needs in terms of education, healthcare, and access to safe and well remunerated employment. The gap between the growth of Latinos on one hand and lack of civic representation and responsive public policies on the other, underscores the need to examine and publicize data and information on the size and scope of the Latino population. The Great Cities Institute partnered with Healthy Communities Foundation and The Community Memorial Foundation to provide data on Latinos in the Chicago Western Suburbs that will equip community leaders to advocate for greater inclusion in public decision-making that affects Latinos, their families, and their neighborhoods. The individuals who would benefit from new data include local residents, elected officials, municipal employees, advocates, and the news media. Click here or access the web address at https://go.uic.edu/west_suburban_latino_rpt to open the Latinos in the Western Suburbs website in a new tab.

Here also is a video for more information about the report/microsite: