Why these schools? Explaining school closures in Chicago, 2000-2013

Authors Rachel Weber, Ph.D. Stephanie Farmer, Ph.D. Mary Donoghue Abstract Our study sheds light on the multiple, often conflicting interests that school districts must balance to plan for the capital needs of school-age populations. We investigate the factors that led to the closure of public schools in Chicago between 2000 […]

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The Illinois Student Access Bill

Author Rosario Gómez-Alvarez Díaz, Department of Economics and Economic History, University of Seville Abstract This report presents the main effects expected from the Illinois Student Access Bill, which, if approved, would allow undocumented students to be eligible for state-funded scholarships in four year-public universities. Currently, undocumented students are not eligible […]

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Engaged Scholarship at the University GCP-07-04

The complex relationship between the university and the city provides the context for this chapter, which explores not only the changing nature of scholarship in the metropolitan research university, but how its changing intellectual climate should, in turn, change our conception of writing instruction for students who attend college in the city.

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