Lawndale Service Area Databook

The information contained in this Databook makes it clear: diminished opportunities, both economic and educational, are having an adverse impact on the quality of life in North Lawndale and point to the need for substantial investments in the community.

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From Gray Areas to New Communities: Lessons and Issues from Comprehensive U.S. Neighborhood Initiatives GCP-10-02

This paper examines the issues embedded in both the comprehensive aspirations and neighborhood focus in approaches towards fighting poverty, campaigning for better conditions and providing education and social services to residents; this is done through exploration of a brief history of major initiatives, and the lessons and needs for the future suggested by that history.

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From Immigration Assimilation to Metropolitan Regeneration and Transformation: Notes and Reflections on the Processes of Immigrant Settlement and Metropolitan Change in Chicago Today GCP-04-02

Anthony Orum Professor, Department of Sociology University of Illinois at Chicago Abstract United States. As of the year, 2002, more than 32 million new residents, or approximately 11 per cent of the total population, had been added in this manner to the population of the United States (U.S. Census, February […]

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