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Real Time Chicago (RTC) is Great Cities Institute’s hallmark seminar series, covering the latest policy dialogues in the Chicago Metropolitan Region.  Through RTC and in its role as convener, Great Cities Institute brings the important and pressing conversations to the UIC community so we can be informed and weigh in.  The RTC lineup is new every semester and brings together a variety of contributors, all organized around a semester-long central policy theme.  Fall 2013’s RTC series focused on regional transportation governance and policy, for more information on this series, visit our events page. Spring 2014’s RTC is focused on suburban planning and policy. Fall 2014’s RTC series is focused on the 21st century economies of cities. For more information on events, please view the GCI Real Time Chicago events calendar.

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INNOVATE Chicago is GCI’s seminar series aligned with our Employment and Economic Development research cluster.  Focusing on the latest and most creative strategies for economic development throughout the region, GCI facilitates conversations among researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers at the forefront of making Chicago a better place to live, do business, and live a quality life.  INNOVATE debuted in Fall 2013.  For more information on events, please view the GCI Innovate Chicago events calendar.

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Poverty to Prosperity is GCI’s newest seminar series focused on critical and overdue conversations to identify real solutions to one of our nation’s age-old problems: poverty. The Poverty to Prosperity series provides a forum for dialogue and policy discussion between some of the nation’s premier experts on poverty and the Chicago community. Now 50 years after President Johnson’s declared “War On Poverty,” persistent problems in inequality and stratification of access to resources and opportunities continue to disproportionately affect certain neighborhoods and communities, inhibiting their chances to break the cycle of poverty. GCI provides the space for dialogue on some of our generation’s most pressing issues. For more information on events, please view the GCI Poverty to Prosperity events calendar.

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