Great Cities/Ordinary Lives Conference: A look at the city and its residents from the bottom up

Symposium in celebration of Anthony Orum’s retirement

Friday, September 16, 2011

Panel 1: The Lives of Urban Residents in a Global World: Europe, Shanghai and Los Angeles
Moshe Semyonov
Xiangming Chen
Jan Lin

Panel 1 Presentations

Panel 1 Q&A

Panel 2: Cities: Place, Space and Everyday Infrastructure
Japonica Brown-Saracino
Krista Paulsen
Richard Lloyd
Zachary Neal
Harvey Molotch

Panel 2 Presentations

Panel 2 Q&A

Panel 3: The Lives of Urban Residents in a Global World: Berlin, South Africa, and Chicago
Hilary Silver
Andy Clarno
Claire Decoteau
Maria Krysan
Michael Bader

Panel 3 Presentations

Panel 3 Q&A

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Keynote Address:
Sharon Zukin

Keynote Address

Panel 4: Cities: Novel Readings of the City and the Lives of Ordinary People
Bob Bruegmann
Michael Ebner
Nancy Denton
Harvey Choldin

Panel 4 Presentations

Panel 4 Q&A

Panel 5: Listening to the Voices and Organizing the Interests of Ordinary People
Peter Dreier
Wanda Rushing
Mary Pattillo
Philip Nyden

Panel 5 Presentations

Panel 5 Q&A