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Fact Sheet: Population Change in Illinois

Author Matthew D. Wilson Alex Linares Abstract The population loss experienced by the state of Illinois in recent years has been of interest to policy makers, researchers, Illinois residents, and the media, all of whom have sought explanations for why the state is losing population in recent years. […]

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Lower Wages and Continued Occupational and Industrial Segmentation of Latinos in the Chicago Economy

Authors José Miguel Acosta-Córdova Abstract In 1993, John Betancur, Teresa Córdova, and Maria de los Angeles Torres published “Economic Restructuring and the Process of Incorporation of Latinos into the Chicago Economy,” in Latinos in the Changing U.S. Econom,y edited by Rebecca Morales and Frank Bonilla. They concluded, “The history of […]

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Intervening with Aging Owners to Save Industrial Jobs: A Study Update

Authors Timothy O. Imeokparia, Ph.D., AICP Jackson C. Morsey, AICP Abstract This report presents the results of an update to a 1989 study titled “Intervening with aging owners to save industrial jobs” that assessed “the feasibility of retaining manufacturing jobs in Chicago by matching aging company owners who need successors […]

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Youth Citizenship in Action

Authors Thea Crum Katherine Faydash Abstract In the spring semester of 2018, high school students at three Chicago Public Schools took part in a participatory budgeting process as part of their civics class. The result? After the process was over, more than 80% of evaluation survey respondents said that they […]

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Industrial Restructuring and the Continuing Impact on Youth Employment in Illinois

This report provides a more detailed view of youth jobless and jobless and out of school data throughout the state of Illinois than what has been analyzed to date and has findings that have implications for the direction of future policy aimed at improving employment conditions for young people.

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