Research Clusters

GCI’s mandate is to support and produce engaged urban research that is developed in partnership with multiple stakeholders, across disciplines and sectors. GCI’s research agenda is a collective product, reflective of shared priorities and key directives as identified through ongoing dialogue with our partners.

Our research agenda is divided up into three key Research Clusters in order to inform conversations, produce debates, and influence public dialogue around the critical question for our future:

“What can cities and regions do to make themselves into great places?”

The clusters bring together the work of researchers across UIC’s campus other universities, along with the work of community stakeholders and other advocates and interested organizations.

Current Research Clusters include:

Special GCI Research Series: Poverty to Prosperity

In the 50 years that have passed since President Johnson declared a “unconditional war on poverty” in the U.S., persistent problems of income inequality, stratification of access to resources and opportunities, and unrelenting social problems in low-income neighborhoods continue to plague cities across the nation. Beginning in Spring 2014, UIC Great Cities Institute focuses the policy dialogue in pursuit of critical and overdue conversations to identify real solutions to one of our nation’s age-old problems: poverty. In its Poverty to Prosperity series, GCI provides the forum for dialogue between some of the nation’s premier experts on poverty and the Chicago community.  The series will include a variety of research projects and publications, convenings, and events to dialogue on multi-dimensional strategies to eliminating poverty.  Check out our calendar for more information on upcoming events in the Poverty to Prosperity series.