GCI releases PB Chicago 2013-2014 Evaluation Report


Community residents in three wards participated in this year’s Participatory Budgeting cycle: the 22nd Ward (Alderman Rick Muñoz), the 45th Ward (Alderman John Arena) and the 49th Ward (Alderman Joe Moore).

Nearly 3,000 people came out to vote on how to spend $3 million in their communities. Residents chose 13 projects, which included:

    • Street resurfacing, street lighting and sidewalk repairs
    • New speed humps for residential streets and school zones;
    • Mural to spruce up a viaduct;
    • Tree planting;
    • New playground and other park improvements;
    • Pigeon abatement in viaducts and overpasses;
    • Bus stop benches;
    • Library improvements; and
    • Beach path extension

The 2013-2014 PB Chicago cycle has seen an increase in participation of minorities and low-income residents throughout the wards as well as an increase in voter turnout.

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