Great Cities Institute Fact Sheet Series

The Great Cities Institute is pleased to announce a new economic fact sheet series that will provide research and data to the public in the areas of economic restructuring, income inequality, employment disparities, and more. These fact sheets will contain information that can be utilized for advocacy, grant writing, and further research to improve the quality of live in our cities and regions.

True to GCI’s mission, this initiative embodies our commitment to harnessing the power of research and linking academic resources with partners to address urban issues.

The first fact sheet in the series was compiled for Crain’s Future of Chicago Conference on June 15th, 2016. The conference convened business, government, education, and civic leaders to have forward looking conversations in four panel discussions with audience interaction. The panel discussions were themed Criminal Justice, Education, Fiscal Crisis, and Economic Development. GCI’s Director Teresa Cordova moderated the Economic Development panel, utilizing the information on the fact sheet to set the stage for the panelists and audience and provide data points for some of the most crucial economic issues facing Chicago and Cook County.

It is our hope that the further dissemination of this information and further fact sheets will be a powerful tool to community and civic partners.

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