Jobs for Climate and Justice: A Worker Alternative

The impacts of climate change are increasingly severe, taking a toll on our health, environment and our economies. Jobs for Climate and Justice proposes the kind of economic program we must fight for and offers examples of the great organizing efforts around the country – led by working people – that provide the foundation for a transition to a just and climate-safe economy. It is organized based on four elements:

  1. Create good jobs fixing the climate
  2. Protect threatened workers and communities
  3. Remedy inequality and injustice
  4. Lay the basis for a New Economy

Michael Leon Guerrero is the Executive Director of the Labor Network for Sustainability. He has over 30 years of experience as a community organizer and coordinator of national grassroots alliances. He was lead organizer and Executive Director for the SouthWest Organizing Project for 17 years, leading local, state and regional campaigns on environmental justice. These campaigns resulted in clean up of toxic sites and progressive environmental and economic justice policies for Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico. He later served for 8 years as National Coordinator of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, organizing movement building efforts amongst diverse constituencies focused on trade and globalization. From 2014-2016 Michael was National Coordinator of the Climate Justice Alliance, a national network of frontline, environmental justice organizations working for a just transition from extractive industries to sustainable, living economies. He has served on the Boards of Jobs with Justice, Greenpeace and the New World Foundation.