Freshwater Lab Founder Rachel Havrelock Interviewed on Humanitarian Aspects of Water Issues

Source: Great Lakes Now.

UIC English professor Rachel Havrelock has brought a unique humanitarian approach to water resource issues through her creation of UIC’s Freshwater Lab.

The goal of the Freshwater Lab (which is affiliated with GCI and CUPPA) is to educate the public on a range of water issues.

“We’re in this moment, regrettably, where there’s a lot of debate about the validity of science,” Havrelock told Great Lakes Now in an interview in the Institute for Humanities on the Chicago campus. “While we’re embroiled in that debate we can’t forget we’ve got to communicate to the public about pressing water issues and how they can get involved in actionable ways from the personal to the political,” she said.

The Lab recently launched a Freshwater Stories initiative aimed at communicating the pressing issues about Lake Michigan to the public. Each story highlights an issue such as infrastructure and environmental justice and is written by a professional in the field. The story format is designed to leave the reader with more than just the weight of the issue. It will provide options for the reader to get involved.

Professor Havrelock’s full interview with Great Lakes Now is available here.>>