Young people across the country may be moving due to COVID-19, but it’s less clear whether Chicago millennials are following suit

(Erin Hooley / Chicago Tribune)

Matthew Wilson, a senior research specialist Great Cities Institute, is quoted in Chicago Tribune story on whether or not millennials are moving from Chicago in the wake of COVID-19. Wilson points out that the data so far does not show that young people are moving out of cities, and that cities remain a strong attractor due to the availability of jobs for new college graduates.

And the city continues to attract millennials and other young adults, said Matt Wilson, a senior research specialist at the Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which researches ways to improve the city’s urban =

“They don’t have children yet typically, (and) they are fresh out of college, looking for jobs. And cities have always been the major job centers,” Wilson said. “It just seems that while Chicago’s population has declined, a lot of neighborhoods have become more dense. That density lends itself for younger people without children to live.”

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