Warehouse And Factory Workers Make Their Case For Priority Access To The COVID-19 Vaccine

Andrew Harnik / Associated Press

Nik Theodore, GCI fellow, director of the Center for Urban Economic Development, and professor of urban planning and policy, is quoted in a WBEZ article on the need for warehouse and factory workers to be prioritized for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine during the busy holiday season.

“Warehouses across the country have become COVID-19 hotspots,” said Nik Theodore, a professor and labor policy expert at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “It means that those frontline workers are bearing the brunt of this pandemic.”

Theodore noted that warehouse workers are working long hours during the holiday season. He said those workers are vulnerable and need protection.

“Online holiday shopping is projected to increase by 33% this year,” said Theodore, adding that warehouse workers in the Chicago metropolitan area handle online orders from throughout the Midwest.

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