After 8 die in Kentucky candle factory, workers question company’s tornado preparation

Image Source: Timothy D. Easley, Associated Press

Comments from Beth Gutelius, research director for the Center for Urban Economic Development at UIC and senior research specialist with the Great Cities Institute at UIC, and Marcus Dillender, UIC assistant professor of health policy and administration in the School of Public Health, are featured in a Los Angeles Times article about the possible need to adjust warehouse and factory emergency response plans and infrastructure to improver worker safety.

Companies that employ workers in massive factories and warehouses — in some cases thin, modern metal buildings that typically don’t have basements — should explore how to create infrastructure that can withstand powerful tornadoes, said Beth Gutelius, research director at the Center for Urban Economic Development at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

“We need to think about and plan ahead to make sure both buildings they work in and emergency preparedness protocols in place are as strong as they need to be and as proactive as they need to be,” Gutelius said.

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