8600 Block of Commercial Avenue Mixed-Use Concept

Our goal with the 8600 Block of Commercial Avenue is to bring life back to the block. With designs crafted by a UIC School of Architecture studio class, we are giving the corridor a fresh identity and direction to bring more businesses to the northern section of Commercial Avenue.


Project Information

South Chicago’s Commercial Avenue Revitalization Plan identified interest to turn the 8600 block of Commercial Avenue into a mixed-use performance art center with businesses and housing. In Spring 2018, a UIC School of Architecture studio class crafted designs for this center. They produced three proposals and marketing packages, along with branding strategies, to promote a build-out of the block. These proposals will be crucial for gaining community support and attracting potential funders to bring this project to life.

Currently the project team is conducting outreach to develop a community stewardship and governance plan for the site. If you would like to participate in this project and/or provide your thoughts and feedback, please contact GCI or fill out the form.






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