Economic Development

Regionalizing the Global-Local Economic Nexus: A Tale of Two Regions in China GCP-06-01

The study of regions has been undergoing an intellectual “renaissance,” resulting in a growing literature on the renewed importance of new and more varied forms of regions and regionalism. This literature has focused on supranational regional schemes such as the EU, NAFTA, and APEC on one hand, and within-country dynamic or declining regions like the Silicon Valley, the industrial districts, or the heavy industrial areas in Europe or the United States on the other.

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From Immigration Assimilation to Metropolitan Regeneration and Transformation: Notes and Reflections on the Processes of Immigrant Settlement and Metropolitan Change in Chicago Today GCP-04-02

Anthony Orum Professor, Department of Sociology University of Illinois at Chicago Abstract United States. As of the year, 2002, more than 32 million new residents, or approximately 11 per cent of the total population, had been added in this manner to the population of the United States (U.S. Census, February […]

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Reconstructing Regional Politics: Special Purpose Authorities and Municipal Governments GCP-03-01

I argue in this brief essay that the tendency of scholars to focus on city governments has meant that urban scholarship has missed the most dynamic politics driving urban development for decades – the emergence of institutions that often dwarf the fiscal, administrative, and political capacity of general-purpose governments. Unless these institutions are taken into account, most of the development occurring within urban regions cannot be explained or even accounted for.

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